A game made for Ludum Dare 42. Billboard space management simulator.

How To Play

Drag and drop posters to get points
You get strikes for obscuring unexpired legal posters.

<-- Illegal poster symbol. Be on the lookout!

Expired posters are darker
Obscured posters are marked with red tint
Some posters combo with other posters when placed closely.
Some combos are harmful some are helpful
Discover combos as you play and use common sense

Team Catwheel

Erdal Ural - Programming
İdil Ural - Artwork
Melisa Peköz - Artwork
Umur Cem Altürk - Additional Programming 

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsCasual, Funny, Ludum Dare 42
LinksLudum Dare


One Billboard Outside Of Catville.zip 31 MB


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Why did you name the ikea knockoff "Kikea"? It's uncomfortably close to the ethnic slur "k*ke".

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Agreed, that is very unfortunate. Hopefully it's not intentional.


I love this game so much!! I think if there was a game mode where the strikes didn't END the game at 10 that would really finish it off. Not eliminating the strikes completely, but just so that the game play doesn't have to end/reset at 10.

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Trying to play on Chrome, and while the game starts up, after I press "Start", nothing but the UI shows up. I see "Score", "Strikes", "Day", "Timer", and the "End Day" button, which clicking on it gives me the report/summary of how I did... but there's no billboard or posters, it's just black. Very strange error.

EDIT: Decided to download it to play, and my only complaint is that I can't seem to move posters after placing them, which is a real problem I accidentally drop a poster on top of another, something not hard to do with this fickle cursor and strange poster hitboxes.


Yeah this was a game made in 72 hours. It surely has some bugs and needs polish.


I hope you guys get a chance to polish it, I think it could be a really enjoyable.


this was great fun! i had trouble dragging the posters sometimes, but that could also be because of my mouse.

thanks for making and sharing

"An exception has occurred" says the pop-up. Did it three times don't know why. But it's a fun game :) Some things are bugging me though, when i hover over a poster and it enlarges it, i automatically want to go for the enlarged image to place the poster on the billboard, but if i do it will deselect it, its not intuitive. Two things to try, enlarge the poster in a way that some part of it will remain under the cursor or duplicate the image and display a clone of it enlarged in the middle of the screen. Also with the posters, when i grab a poster, make the un selected ones slightly transparent so i can see behind them. The other ting is, when i misplace a poster, say, out of bounds of the billboard don't release the poster from my hands, simply indicate that it is not a valid placement and i can try again. The concept and the art is good and i really enjoy these types of games ^^

About that error, i'm running Chrome (67.0.3396.99) on a W10 machine

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Wow great feedback! We will try them!