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The Provocateur

You are the provocateur who stands against the oppression of an evil government. Influence the mob and gather an army to capture the city hall.

Ludum Dare 40 Entry

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move

Touching the civilians will convert them to Resistance arm.

You cannot fight yourself but there is an army on your side.

Press and hold shift key to switch to command mode, relese shift to give the order.

- During command mode all resistance NPCs will follow the green indicator.

- Releasing on yourself will make the selected follow you.

- Releasing on ground will make the selected attack move.

- Releasing on as building will make the selected capture the building.

- Capture the city hall to beat the game.

Captured Buildings will generate NPCs to the owners side


Erdal Ural -- Programming, Game Design

İdil Kıtır -- 3D and 2D Artwork

Umur Cem Altürk -- Programming, Sound Design

Onur Koralp -- Writing, Game Design


The Provocateur_PC.zip 19 MB

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